Indonesians who design
is a platform

to showcase the work of brilliant Indonesian designers to the world. The goal of the project is to inspire new designers to expand their references, experienced designers to diversify their network, and companies to find hidden talent to join their teams.

How can I nominate someone?

If you know a Indonesian designer whose experience, work or opinions is valuable to the design industry, please fill out this form with their information and a brief explanation about why you're nominating them. You can choose to link to their portfolio, website or blog, to their Linkedin, or to other social profiles such as Twitter or Instagram — any link that you feel best represents how that person is making an impact in the industry. As with other talent aggregators that have inspired this website, we won’t display the designer’s photo as we want the repository to be less about appearances and more about that person's story, their thoughts, skills and abilities.

How did you come up with this idea?

We didn’t. This project is inspired by our fantastic sibling sites:

How did you build this?

Indonesians Who Design is open sourcefor you create your own showcase. It is built using the amazing open source Brazilians Who Design template.

Thanks to UXID Web for the help of gathering the initial list of designers.

Who’s behind this?

How can I remove my name?

If you’ve been added to the directory and would like to opt-out or make an edit to your profile, please send us a message at hello[at]dae[dot]ng or DM via twitter @daengdoang.

Why is my nomination taking so long to show?

We update this website twice a week to include new names.